Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Imam Muda

Assalamualaikum friends,how are you guys? Hope ur all at the pink of health.aminn :D Hmm tonight i'm going to tell u about a young syabab from palestine came to my neighbourhood 'surau' to lead the solat teraweh yesterday.hoho Guess how old is he? Wrong!! haha Haaaaa,he's actualy 18 years old! Gosh he's even younger than me! he looks so matured.haha Anyway,he's got a good and beautiful voice.Alhamdulillah,he's a hafiz and let's pray all the best for him and people in Palestine.Fyi,there are about 19 if i'm not mistaken,'Imam Muda' from Palestine who came here to lead teraweh at certain mosques and 'surau's whole Malaysia.This a good program conducted by Aqsa Syarif and IKRAM Malaysia.So, let us all give support to Palestine and pray for their freedom.Hope that Allah will repay our good deed that we have given to our brothes and sisters in Palestine.Okay,thats all for today.see you in the next post.Assalamualaikum and have a very goodnight :)

The Beginning

Hey folks,its been a while since my first abandoned blog.haha quite lazy to update while many of the posts were craps and boring though.Anyway, i'll start this blogging thing over again and i hope i that have the strength to keep posting and typing.hahah Okay firstly,i'm gonna introduce my name that is Afiq Bin Rasidulakmar.short and simple.Born on 8th of october 1993.Lives in Shah Alam.Never work with any company yet.hoho Got many amazing friends around me which is very beneficial and its a good thing,Alhamdulillah :) Waiting for the call to further my studies in Egypt.amiiin :D So,feel free to know me coz i can make friends with anybody as long as they are willing too.Haa,add me at facebook afiq rasidulakmar or follow me on twitter @afiqhazard.haha Oh its nice to know you guys and i hope we'll keep in touch yeah.okay thats all for tonight.Bye for now,assalamualaikum :)